Zebra Prints for Decoration

Zebra prints are kind of prints that have specific pattern that using white and black as the two main colors just like the zebra skin colors. About the prints, there must be much function of the prints. The pattern of zebra has the elegant value for those of people who use the zebra pattern in order to be their house staffs such like mat, carpet, pillow cover and many more. It is good for being any kind of decoration pattern because of the combination of these two colors that bring beautiful looks. More the zebra motive is also being the additional value in case of the beautiful appearance.


Zebra prints for bedroom decoration

Inside the bedroom, there must be an atmosphere where people get their comfortable feeling inside in order to take some rest and energy after sleeping. For those people who like about natural theme, it is good if they choose zebra patterned bedroom staffs because zebra pattern shows the wild life just like the natural habit of the zebra itself. In case of creating the bedroom staffs into a natural or chic appearance using zebra pattern as the surface pattern, it is better to use this pattern for the mat, carpet, pillow cover, or bed comforter. It will be not good if there are all full of zebra color inside the bedroom.


Zebra pattern for being house accessories or display items

Inside the house or each of the room, there must be a kind of displaying item or in the other word people call it accessories. Because of the zebra pattern which has elegancy and beautiful appearance, it cannot be denied that things with zebra pattern have a good appearance which can enhance the house theme. However, it is not good if we use the real zebra skin in only having a decoration or displaying item because it is better to save them at their natural habitat.