Things You Usually Found in Platform Bedroom Sets

Platform bedroom sets are the sets of the typical platform bedroom that used in many houses. The platform bedroom usually has medium size so it’ll be spacious for single person and it’s fit for two people. The platform under the bed can be used as common platform or additional storage. That’s really good idea, right?

Platform Bedroom Setswith Drawers

As mentioned before, the platform can be used as the common platform to support the bed or it can be used as additionalstorage. Since the platform is usually flat and not too high, many designers add the drawers that can be pull out from the platform. That’s kind of cool, right? You can put socks, underwear, books, ties, and other small things in it. You can save some spaces on your wall or your closet in this way. That sounds like a good plan, right?

The Regular Low Platform under the Bed

The regular type of platform under the bed is the flat-like platform and it’s usually quite lower. In some big sized platform beds, the designer purposely make the platform as low as possible and let the big bed dominating in general so that you can hardly notice the platform under the bed.