Small Side Table yet Highly Functioned in Feature

Small side table function actually can be added into more than just ordinary side table in small size as if you could make a different and innovation in design as well. You may add several hidden storage place on the side table, so you could have more place to store your own goods, or perhaps replace the function of wall-mounted cabinet over the side table since you can enlarge the function into more than you can imagine.


Material and Type of Small Side Table

However, even though you have already had a lot of ideas pouring over your head, you need to make several consideration about what kind of material supposed to be chosen as if you are speaking about a nice-looking side table. Thus, the author suggest the usage of wooden as main material, besides it can give you the strength of natural ambiance, wooden also strength in usage without needed any maintenance during the usage.


Side Table in Wall-Mounted Design

Furthermore, as if you would like to have the space saver side table yet still fully functioned in feature, you could choose the wall-mounted design rather than another design since it is the most design which also known as save spacer.