Rustic Style of Log Bedroom Furniture

Log bedroom furniture is the furniture that made from log. Log is part of the large branch or trunk of tree that has been cut off. Log based furniture has more unique look and more rustic than the regular wooden furniture that made from big branch that has been cut well. For log, it’s more like uneven cut or raw cut that make the look of the natural wood came out.

Log Bedroom Furniture: The Bed

The main furniture of bedroom, the bed, is usually made from woods. But is that possible to make it from log? Well, it’s definitely possible. In fact, many designers have been made unique bed from logs that stacked to form platform of the bed as well as other frame in the bed’s frame. The result is unique and rustic style of bed

Natural Look from Log Furniture

Since the main reason of using the log is to keep the natural wood look, the log bed or other furniture will be polished only to make the log shiny. Many designers refuse to paint the log furniture because the rustic style from the natural log will be covered by the paint and we lost the essential of having it in log form in the first place.