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Stainless Steel Kitchen Table Top

The Benefits of Stainless Steel Table Top in Your Kitchen

Stainless steel table topis good to be put in your house. Commonly, people use furniture made of steel, metal, glass, and so on are they are easy to be cleaned. Beside the stainless steel is used in the house, we can buy others furniture such as things using wood. Thus, furniture made of stainless steel […]

Glass Top Dining Room Table

Interesting Touch of Classic Glass Dining Room Table

Glass dining room tableis a table put in the dining room made of glass so that everything on the table can be seen from under the table and everything under the table can be seen from up. This kind of table becomes the favorite furniture in all around the world especially in huge and modern […]

Narrow Dining Table With Bench

Narrow Dining Table for Modern House with Limit Space

Narrow dining tableis a small and narrow table for dining room. Usually, this type of table is used in minimalist and modern house which has very limit space in their house. There for, making the table narrow is good for them aiming in keeping and saving the house. Narrow table can be made of metal, […]

Outdoor Bar Table Set

Outdoor bar table in Rustic Modern House to get Vintage Look

Outdoor bar table sometimes are becoming the things that are interesting people so much. Having such bar table outdoor will make those who stay will get comfortable and relax with the atmosphere of nature around. Whereas some people are admiring at the uniqueness and vintage looks of dining table for indoor because they will feel […]

Round Wrought Iron Table

Wrought Iron Table as Carving Metal

Wrought iron table somehow can be named also as carving wooden made of metal since both of them actually have almost similar concept in add up the table with several decoration in detail. Well, even though the price also higher along with the quality of material, you cannot get enough space to keep complaining by […]

Where To Buy Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets

Creating Art with Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets

Buying unfinished kitchen cabinets is not harmful. Some people are like finished Kitchen Cabinets but some people choose to buy Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets. Although when purchased is not as attractive as that was finished, we can make our own creations using unfinished one. Unfinished kitchen cabinets With Batik Batik is a typical pattern of Indonesia. […]

Small Space KitchenTable Sets

Small Kitchen Table Sets for Minimalist Home Theme

Small kitchen table sets cannot be denied to be added into your minimalist home theme, ever since you are going to beautify your space-less room to look larger than the actual size. Thus, with the kitchen table sets in small size, you do not need to worry about the capability of your room, to accommodate […]

Modern Round Dining Table

Modern Dining Table in Minimalist Style

Modern dining table which could turn out perfectly on your minimalist home theme can be chosen to complete the high-end and sophisticated ambiance that you are built up on your own place. You do not need to use the wooden material to show off the natural atmosphere, either use the granite or marble as dining […]

Solid Wood Coffee Table

Rustic Interior Theme with Wood Coffee Table

Wood coffee table might become not just another ordinary home furniture as if it is combined well with another furniture which is being able on your home. Even more if you have already decided to choose the rustic home theme as the main theme inside your home, there will be no more things need to […]

Convertible Ottoman Coffee Table

Convertible Coffee Table for Tiny Urban Space

Convertible coffee table designer probably caught his inspiration right after he saw the performance of transformer, like they can change from vehicle into functional robot in no time. Therefore, the concept is almost similar with the transformer, where you could enlarge the size, and also multiply the functional feature of the table. In short time, […]