Italian Style of Kitchen Countertops

Italian style of kitchen countertops has its own characteristics. Italy style using marble and granite countertops for the top layer. This makes the table may look shiny and clean. The materials used are fine granite and marble, onyx, Silestone, Hanstone, Q-Stone, porcelain, concrete, limestone, soapstone, Caesarstone and fossil stone. These materials become the typical Italian style.

The quality of Italian Style of Kitchen Countertops

Italian style has a good quality. So many vendors selling the best quality countertops promising. By using a style that is close to the impression italy rocks, tables to be strong and not easily destroyed by heat conductivity which is often in the kitchen. The heat is delivered by means of the newly appointed kitchen from the stove and put on the table by reflex will not be a problem when using this stone countertops.

Tulungagung’s Marble For Indonesian

Rock style very easily created in Indonesia because Indonesia also has abundant stone quarry. One of them is Tulungagung in East Java which has a large marble quarry. Marble from Tulungagung also used for the manufacture of the Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta that was already assured good quality. Manufacture of countertops of marble Tulungagung can becomes style of its own in house Indonesian if they want to reflect on countertops Italian style.