Different Teen Bedroom Ideas for Girls and Boys

Teen bedroom ideas are useful if you want to design your children’s bedroom when they become teenager. The idea of teenager can be marked by the features and furniture that use colorful and cheerful scheme, unique characters, and some pop pictures. The play of color can be seen as a dynamic tones and scheme of the bedroom. Teenager really likes privacy on their age. Therefore, make their room as their favorite place to keep anything they have.


Teen bedroom ideas for girls

Girls are unique and not simple. The bedroom ideas should be with decorative effect. Girls really like spending their time in their bedroom for reading magazines, writing diary or gossiping with other girls. Cozy bedroom set with soft but cheerful color will be good completed with storage furniture to keep their things.


Bedroom for boys

In the other hand, boys’ bedroom ideas for teenager are simpler. Darker and firm color are usually used as scheme, but still combined with neutral color to make it balance. At this stage, they really like music. Some features like instruments or their favorite rock star will be good focal point to fill up the space. The storage furniture is better to be more complete.