Convertible Coffee Table for Tiny Urban Space

Convertible coffee table designer probably caught his inspiration right after he saw the performance of transformer, like they can change from vehicle into functional robot in no time. Therefore, the concept is almost similar with the transformer, where you could enlarge the size, and also multiply the functional feature of the table. In short time, you can say that there is nothing can block you from feel like enjoy the coffee time in space-less room.


Wooden Convertible Coffee Table

There are huge in material that you can choose to make the coffee table in convertible style, such as wooden, iron, steel, and anymore. However, depends on people, the most suitable material, both suit the preference and need of people the most is wooden. It is because wood is lighter yet stronger as if being compared with another material, so it will never disappointed you in person, after long term usage.


Coffee Table with Convertible Design

If you have decided to choose the convertible design for your coffee table, you need to estimate the maximum size when the coffee table is on transformation. For neat and comfortable usage, you need to make sure that it will not cramp in each side of the table.