Bedroom Paint Ideas for Boy and Girl

Bedroom paint ideasare really helpful for you who still have no idea how to design your bedroom. Color choices for wall paint are important to create a great room décor. All colors are beautiful, depends on the theme you choose for the concept of your bedroom. Besides, the design you choose will represent your personality and taste.


Bedroom paint ideas for girl

Commonly, girl bedroom is identical with pink color. You can combine the light and dark tone of pink in layered design, horizontally or vertically. Then, another color that is nice for girl is purple. This color will bring romantic ambience for your bedroom, whether in dark or light tone. Moreover, for warm and bold look, you might choose red for your bedroom paint. With some decoration on the wall will make the room look more stunning.


Paint ideas for boy bedroom

Different with girls, boys commonly like neutral and dark colors. Blue is the most favorite choice for boy bedroom. You can create a nautical décor for your bedroom with blue wall paint. Then, the other choice is monochrome tone. The color ranges from black to white can be good choices for boy bedroom. You should not worry if it will give boring look, because you can enhance it with some decorative ornaments.