Applying Anchor Curtain in Your Bathroom Shower Designs

Bathroom shower designs are the most designs that are needed for everyone who want to build the shower bathroom in their house. Thus, applying blue color will increase the beauty of the bathroom and the cute motif can increase the artistic of the bathroom design in your house. It is good to apply some curtains in your bathroom using the pictures or motifs of anchor.

Designing Bathroom Shower Design Using Picture of Anchor

Anchor with blue color printed with small size will look great in your boy or girl children. People are preferred in different ways, those are people who love to use crowded thing and some people are preferred the minimum and little picture on the large curtain. The picture of anchor in the bathroom will make the atmosphere of the sea in which the sea gives us looks of the huge, depth, and broad place. For some people seeing to the color of the sea will make his minds up into the broader one so that his minds are not limited only in a few and narrow world. The color of the sea cans brighter the looks of the eyes.

The Design of Anchor Picture to be Used in Your Girl Bathroom Shower

Usually, those are boy children who like to apply the picture of anchor for their bathroom instead of girls’ bathroom. But you can apply the cute picture of anchor for the curtain of your little girl by minimalist the crowd color and motif. Choose only a picture of anchor to be put in the corner of curtain with pinky-blue background. The combination of blue and pink will create the wonderful and interesting sea look in your little girl bathroom.